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SKS Bearing


Features Benefits
PTFE-to-PTFE faces Low coefficient of friction between sliding faces.
Lubrication Silicone grease further reduces frictional resistance.
Elastomeric pads Provision for some rotational movement & for small surface irregularities.
Nylon re-inforcement Woven nylon scrim increases load capacity (up to 2000 kN (SLS) point loads).
Chemical bonding The PTFE, scrim and rubber are polymerically bonded under heat and pressure.
Expanded polystyrene surround Facilitates in-situ pouring of superstructure concrete & locates each pad in position.
Waterproof top layer Prevents grout or wet concrete from penetrating between the core and the expanded polystyrene.
Supplied ready to lay SKS pads or strips require no additional preparation on site before laying.