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SKL Bearing


Features Benefits
For large initial movement This bearing is especially suitable for taking up the large initial displacements of concrete slabs on drying followed by the smaller cyclic thermal movements.
Reversion to shear action The silicone lubricant allows a large initial movement to be accommodated and following it's absorbtion into the EPDM elastomer, sheer action permits further a 3mm deflection.
EPDM Elastomeric core Provision for some rotational movement & for small surface irregularities.
Expanded polystyrene surround Facilitates in-situ pouring of superstructure concrete & locates each pad in position.
Waterproof top layer Prevents grout or wet concrete from penetrating between the core and the expanded polystyrene.
Supplied ready to lay SKL pads or strips require no additional preparation on site before laying.