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About Us

SK Bearings was founded in 1960 by Bernard Dixon following a successful career as a maltster and brewer. Besides publishing various works and winning international prizes for his beers, he invented the original Brewmaster recipe and ran the UK's 24th largest company.


SK Bearings is a division of the Dixon International Group Ltd. which manufactures award winning products for the construction industry such as Sealmaster.

  • Founded by Bernard Dixon (1960).
  • BBC & Sealmaster develop acoustic seal for BBC's studio doors (1975).
  • Council of Industrial Design Award for range of seals (1986).
  • Thames Barrier protected with specialised vertical sliding bearings.
  • English Heritage use upgrading membranes developed in response to the Windsor Castle fire (1995).
  • British Antarctic Survey installs Sealmaster weather seals in the Halley Base at the South Pole (1999).
  • Eurotunnel use specialised Pipe Saddle Bearings (1999).
  • Design Council makes 4 Millennium Product Awards for creative & innovative new products (1999).
  • DETR / Building Centre Trust case study on best practice use of IT features one of our on-line services (2000).

A Millennium Product company

SK Bearings is a Division of The Dixon International Group Ltd., which was identified by the Design Council as one of Britain's 1000 most innovative companies in 1999.


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